April’s Baking Challenge:

Spring has sprung! Time for a zesty, fun and colorful challenge recipe that every one will love! Are you ready for April’s baking challenge?

Missing Challenge?

You may have noticed that the March and February challenge had been canceled due to lack of participants. I simply skipped posting for both challenges. This month the baking challenges are back, with tasty recipes and wonderful prizes! Are you ready for this tasty recipe?

March’s Popular Recipes:

April’s Baking Challenge:

I had recently developed and posted a super tasty recipe that is delicious and easy! Vertical Cake!! This recipe is perfect for spring as it is super zesty and fruity! I love the flavor and amazing surprise hidden inside this cake

For this challenge, all you have to do is… 

  • make the cake and take a photo
  • next email it to numnum@bakeeatsmilerepeat.com and wait for a confirmation
  • I announce the winner in my next blog-post and email the winner. 
  • If you win please respond for your prize and then I will email you the codes and links for a secret page!! Here is more detail on how you join:

Now here’s the exciting bit: Thee is an alternative to this challenge and no matter what you choose you have a chance to win… Here are your other choices:

  1. Orange Bundt Cake
  2. Whoopie Pies
  3. or any past baking challenge recipe

You only have to choose one of the above (or the chosen/ main recipe given)


Remember, the winner’s name is displayed and the winner gets access to 3 secret pages with recipes that you will find nowhere else, published specifically for you!

How to Join Numnum’s Baking Challenge

  • Recipe: On or around the 1st of each month, I publish a new challenge recipe. Sign up for my mailing list so you’re alerted as soon as a new challenge recipe is published! (sign up on my home page)
  • Bake & Comment: Bake the recipe during that month.
  • Send: Share your recipe photo with us via email at numnum@bakeeatsmilerepeat.com . By emailing your recipe photo, you are automatically entered in the giveaway. For a bonus entry, leave a review on the challenge recipe.

How do I choose the winner?

  1. If it looks like something I would want to eat;
  2. If I can tell it’s texture and flavor (e.g. soft, moist,crisp, etc.)
  3. Your Food-tagraph

4. After all this, I pick the top 10 pictures and randomly select one

Good Luck to all 🙂

That’s All you need to know!

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me! If you subbmit and do not get a email confirmation then please retry emailing me our leave a comment!

Thank you! Please Leave a comment if you are participating and do not forget to rate the recipe for an extra entry!

Hello there! I am Numnum, a baker, blogger and a well known lover of sweets! I post recipes on my blog 1-2 times per week! You can visit my food blog at bakeeatsmilerepeat.com

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