Best, Magical Biscoff Tiramisu Recipe

Looking for a twist on your classic tiramisu? Or are obsessed with biscoff cookies in the same way I am? Well, if you’re looking for a cold, refreshing, and creamy treat, then you’ve come to the right place. This recipe is refreshing and it’s packed with sugar (all good things are), and I’m so excited for you to try it!

Lemon Blueberry Scones

These scones are flaky, flavorful, easy to make, and delicious! You will love the zesty and flakey dough. The tasty burst of sweet blueberries complement the scone dough. Don’t forget the tasty and sweet glaze that should top off every scone! These scones are definitely better than bakery scones! I hope you enjoy this new and improved scone recipe!

Harissa/ Basbousa Recipe | وصفة هريسة و بسبوسة

I love these delicious soft, sugary and flavorful Arabic treats. These delicious bars are the best, they have a crispy exterior and soft crumbly interior drenched in sweet homemade syrup. It has a strong and delicious nutty flavor from the almonds and semolina. The cake itself is dry, however, when you add some of that sweet flavorful flower syrup, it becomes soft, moist and flavorful.

Fresh Peach Crumb Pie

Eating homemade peach crumble pie/bars is most certainly an experience to savor before the end of this summer, this time of the year peaches are at their freshest!The filling is sturdy with plenty of juicy peach chunks throughout. The crumble keeps its shape, while some of its butter melts down creating an even richer peach pie filling. If you enjoyed my apple pie you’re in for a real treat today!