Easy Middle Eastern Katayif/ Atayif/ Qatayef Recipe

These sweet, fluffy, rosy pancake Katayif are very easy to make! You can fill them with a stretchy and soft cheese or a crunchy and cinnamon-y walnut filling. these can be baked, or air fried and they come out with crispy edges and soft centers. The best part is the sticky sweet (easy) homemade sauce that they are drenched in. These are perfect all year round, but even better during Ramadan!

Harissa/ Basbousa Recipe | وصفة هريسة و بسبوسة

I love these delicious soft, sugary and flavorful Arabic treats. These delicious bars are the best, they have a crispy exterior and soft crumbly interior drenched in sweet homemade syrup. It has a strong and delicious nutty flavor from the almonds and semolina. The cake itself is dry, however, when you add some of that sweet flavorful flower syrup, it becomes soft, moist and flavorful.