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New, Gooey French Apple Cake

Looking for an easy cake recipe? Something to warm you up in the colder seasons? Something fruity? Something with a unique texture to remind you of Mama’s cake? Well, I’ve got the perfect recipe for you: a French Apple Cake. The cake is light and fluffy, but the apples are gooey and warm. Overall, it just has such a vintage feel, and I really can’t stop making this cake!


Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Melty caramel, gooey chocolate, and soft cookie dough, these cookies are the perfect combo of all the wonderful ingredients that make up chocolate chip cookies–PLUS SOME MELTY, STRETCHY, SWEET CARAMEL. I made the cookies with a a friend, and we had so much fun! Baking is really, really wonderful for bonding. It’s always fun and relieving to talk to your friends and play around–and these cookies definitely compliment the fun! Enjoy~