Most Popular Recipes of 2020

It’s almost 2021!This year has gone by fast. Today I am sharing with you 2020’s most popular recipe on Bake, Eat, Smile & Repeat! Enjoy!

Orange Cranberry scones

This recipe is my personal favorite! It always turns out perfectly and is so delicious. It has a tangy pop of cranberry and a delicious sweetened orange flavor. It is topped off perfectly with the tastiest icing. This is truly a favorite recipe!

Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

This recipe was very popular and I got a lot of emails and texts for questions about it, I have so many images of it! This cake is truly delicious!

Fudgy Brownies

This recipe was updated multiple times this year to make it better for you! Everyone really enjoyed this recipe! Let me know what you think.

Arabic Kunafa!

This recipe has the most reviews and comments on my blog in 2020! and it is truly amazing. This recipe is authentic, easy and a must try! I must say, this one is a family favorite, it is delicious and so sweet with so may flavors in one!

Cinnamon rolls

This recipe is so easy and yields cinnamon rolls 10x better then the store bought. It is perfectly paired with that sweet icing! No wonder everyone likes this recipe!

Chewy chocolate chip cookies

These cookies are extremely chewy and dense yet crispy at the edges. This recipe has been very popular right since it was published! You will love these cookies, they always turn out just right!

Lemon Crinkle cookies

These cookies are delicious and and so lemony and crispy and are just so easy to make, they were extremely popular this last spring!

Palestinian Foul

This recipe is a delicious filling breakfast that I love, and so will you! Enjoy!

I hope these recipes give you inspiration for the future! Happy New Years!


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