Top 8 Halal Places in the Bay

Finding a good, halal, and zabiha place to eat can be so, so hard. Here’s a collection of some of my go-to places to eat in the SF Bay Area!

8. Dave’s Hot Chicken

Dave’s is such a staple within our Muslim community. Near school and the mosque, there’s a such a nice, communal area with a Dave’s. Dave’s will always be my standard, go-to fried chicken sandwich–and I love the spice levels.

7. Kebab and Curry

I went to a beautiful Kebab and Curry Restaurant a couple weeks ago, and it was such a nice experience. The drinks are amazing, the service is impeccable. It’s essential Indian fine dining.

6. Zareen’s

If you live in the Bay, you’ve likely been to Zareen’s. They’ve got everything you an imagine–whether it’s a burger r your standard chicken tikka.

5. Mercy Mediterranean

A classmate of mine’s mother recently opened this place. I loved their shawarma and the sauce. The service is quick and the food is amazing.

4. Kusan Uyghur Cuisine

I love, love, love Uyghur food, and Kusan is my favorite place to be. If you go the restaurant, the setting is beautiful (and the food even better). I love their skewers and their chow mien.

3. Angry Chickz

I’m sorry, everyone, but Angry Chickz will always rank higher than Dave’s. I love their Angry–I have to eat here every other week. This is my favorite fast-food place, and I love that it’s halal.

2. El-Halal Amigos

Looking for some bomb Mexican food? Look no further than Halal Amigos.

1. Sultana Mediterranean

Mediterranean and Turkish food at its finest in Sultana Mediterranean.

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