Top 8 Boba Places in the Bay

Bubble tea fanatics understand the growing NEEDDD for boba. It’s a weekly staple and the best part of the week. I think my favorite activity as a student is either drinking boba with friends or drinking boba with a book. PS Everyone knows the best flavors are Thai tea and brown sugar (and the best toppings are honey boba and lychee)

8. The Alley

The city setting and the chewy boba make for a perfect combo.

7. Milk Tea Lab

Best place for EXTRA-large sizes.

6. Tapioca Express

Affordable, lots of flavors.

5. MochiNut

Cute packaging. I love how sweet the tea is.

4. Feng Cha

A staple and one of my favorites. I loved their buy-two-get-one-free “happy hour”.

3. Meet Fresh

They’re so generous with their boba.

2. OMG Tea

Their brown sugar boba is so, so sweet.

1. TasTea

My favorite! The sizes are huge, the boba is so chewy and sweet. The flavors always hit just right.

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